SFERA Institue

Idea, Code

SFERA is a Tel Aviv based platform for new ideas and collaborations aimed at shaping the future of urban living. We work on the intersection of urbanism, design, science, and tech to facilitate and co-develop innovative human-centered solutions enhancing urban wellbeing.

All Things Urban

Idea, Code

All Things Urban is a career platform for urban professionals working on city challenges worldwide. We share handpicked career and educational opportunities in areas of urban planning, studies and design and connect thousands of passionate urban professionals to real-world projects.

Advanced System Design

Idea, Design, Code, Content, Teaching

A course about everything I wish I'd known, aimed at empowering you to be your startup's CTO: from advanced Python programming, through system design and architecture, to DevOps, web technologies, and the philosophy behind it all.

Impact-Oriented Programming

Idea, Design, Code, Content, Teaching

A workshop on how to use your coding superpowers for the greater good. In it, students team up to work on real life problems with labs and NGOs, and build software infrastructure that actually advances science and makes a social impact: from growing cultured meat, through modernizing physical experiments with computer vision, to helping a refugee clinic in south Tel Aviv.

Introduction to Information Security

Design, Code, Content, Teaching

A course covering the foundations of cyber security: from reverse-engineering and buffer overflows to network and web vulnerabilities, as well as cryptography, computer viruses and various defenses and mitigations.

Unlocking Information Security

Content, Teaching

An online course on information security, developed in collaboration with TAU Online and EDX. With more than 10,000 enrolled and a 5/5 rating, it's the best and most popular cyber security MOOC of 2019.

Alexander Aksinin's Website

Design, Code

An amazing graphic artist and a good friend of my parents, Alexander Aksinin died in a plane crash in 1985, and we've been collecting, cataloguing and promoting his work ever since; this is his official website.

Virtual Autograph

Idea, Design, Code

An online service to ask software celebrities to sign your executable files.

Roni Aviv's Website


Roni Aviv is an artist and photographer based in New York, an MFA at Columbia University, and a dear friend. Her work is a visual and psychological inquiry into the underaddressed surfaces and experiences that are ubiquitous in our everyday lives. This website is her online portfolio, where you can find her own works, combining photography with text, drawing, and household materials, as well as her curatorial projects.

So&So's Website


Daniel Zinn is an amazing violinist and conductor based in New York, and a childhood friend. He's co-founded So&So, a classical music production company that creates 21st century symphonic events. The minimalist website ties together So&So’s various online expressions with essential information about the company.